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Why Clean Energy is Important

Most of the world’s electricity is derived from power stations that utilize fossil fuels like oil and coal. The process of producing energy creates a lot of greenhouse gasses, such as carbon dioxide and methane. Clean energy is important for the future of the earth.

It’s these greenhouse gases that are causing the earth’s weather patterns to become more extreme. Some experts believe that the changes in weather patterns will eventually threaten the world we live in and the habitats of all living things.

Why nonrenewable energy sources are bad

Non-renewable energy sources, such as coal, oil, and gas have changed the way human beings live over the last couple of hundred years. There’s no doubt our lives would have been very different if these had not been discovered.

But we stand a crisis point.

We can simply use what’s available and as soon as they’ve been used up, that’s it! Perhaps that may not happen in our lifetime but we need to to be responsible about preserving the lifestyles of future generations.

Not only are we in danger of running out of resources, these sources of energy are also polluting the earth.

Importance of clean energy

Moving towards a world of clean energy is essential for the survival of earth.

We’ve already found ways to tap into and harness the energy of the sun, ocean, and wind.

These sources of electricity create only small amounts of greenhouse gasses and are renewable, in other words, they can be used over and over again.

Solar, water and wind are examples of fresh energy resources.

Other ideas

Governments are also researching different approaches to help save the world. One of these is to make companies that pollute the environment pay for their contamination.

Other thoughts include providing funding for tree plantations and tax breaks to encourage individuals to use less energy.

If you love the environment, please use an eco-friendly toilet.

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