What are eco-friendly toilets?

Have you ever encountered a troublesome problem of having to go to the bathroom in the woods or while camping? It is a problem that everyone faces, even for those of you who have never gone out for camping. But in any case, without going into the overall details, there is a solution available for those who don’t feel like going out into the woods and digging a hole in the ground. This solution is a portable and environmentally friendly toilet.

What are eco-friendly toilets?

Eco-friendly toilets are innovative inventions that make work easy. They are clean and environmentally friendly.  There are many different kinds, including eco-friendly toilets for the home that are watersense certified as well as portable ones that are ideal for camping trips. Some companies are so proud that you can use them for other outdoor activities where the bathroom is not readily available, such as hunting or fishing, and you can even use them in emergencies or disaster preparedness.

The thing that separates environmental toilets from regular household toilets other than being portable is that you use a biodegradable bag to dispense. Since the bags are designed to be biodegradable, they are in turn, perfectly acceptable to use as compost. If you decide to use these biodegradable bags in compost, you should keep in mind that any waste you may have in these bags will take 40 days to completely degrade to humus condition only if it is placed in an environmentally controlled fertilizer. If you are new to composting, I wouldn’t recommend trying it until you do more research and are confident enough in what you do.


For obvious reasons, a lot of our water consumption occurs in the bathroom, so if we can avoid waste and save water here, we can make a big difference to our total household water use. If we are on a counter, that means saving money.

Waste prevention

Too much water is wasted in the bathroom unnecessarily. It is very easy to leave the tap while brushing our teeth. Shower timers are a great way to make sure we don’t get away in the morning, and you can even get a baby shower timers so kids can know the importance of saving water and energy as well.

Softening water in hard water areas can also help save water as it is easy to clean bathrooms, toilets, and sinks. Water softeners and environmental balls for toilets that soften water with a magnet will prevent scum marks and a tartar scale from forming.

clean energy

Efficient use of water

Other tools can help us save water and reduce water bills as well. Faucets and showers with water-saving devices can make a big difference, and many of these can be installed without a plumber.

The taps can be easily converted to convert the outlet from normal water flow into a spray; While showering can be restricted to generate higher pressure, allowing lower main water pressure.
By saving water in the bathroom, we can make a huge difference in water consumption and not only help the environment, but as more and more of us use water meters, we can save money as well.


These eco-friendly toilets can be taken along long journeys across areas where rest stops are few and far between. I am willing to bet that it will slow down. I have often noticed that the speed I drive is proportional to how poorly visited the little boy’s room. Now, I take a shower along the journey, and my driving is very comfortable. Also, environmental toilets are often recommended as part of a disaster preparedness package.

Less environmental impact

If environmental toilets are used correctly, they help reduce your environmental impact by reducing your need to use conventional toilets, which use between four to six gallons of clean water per flush.


Homeowners may have difficulty installing some environmental toilet models. Installing a double flush toilet often goes beyond the possibilities of an average homeowner to do it yourself, and requires professional installation.

Due to the low volume of water, some users of these toilets have reported the need to clean the accumulated leftovers in the toilet. Choosing how to clean the double toilet type can be confusing for young children or guests.

Minor changes in habits and routines can easily overcome minor flaws, and convert dual environmental toilets into a perfect green choice for any home.

The Bottom Line

Whether the toilet is used during camping, outdoor activities, or even in emergencies, it’s always a good idea to know that there is an alternative to digging a hole in the ground and squatting to do your thing. This environmentally friendly alternative minimizes water consumption and they come with a portable biodegradable bag. Besides, they are usually easy to use.

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